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This is our planet, our future, our choice, our responsibility.


ISRAEL EARTH PRIZE by Union & Toyota aims to promote environmental policy and entrepreneurship in Israel. It is our belief that the challenges facing the field of environmental sustainability present opportunities for a better world and a healthier society

 Driving our world to a sustainable, greener future, brings with it a great opportunity to create a better future. As part of our ‘Going Beyond Zero’ approach we encourage organizations, communities and individuals to join us and win our support.

One million NIS a year for 5 years will be awarded to 5 initiatives that will lead the Israel's environmental challenges beyond


The Finalists

The song of the weeds


A project that aims to measure, regulate and sell the environmental value the renewing farmers are creating for companies that wish to balance the Greenhouse gas emissions on their activity and support dozens of farmers, as well as Israeli soil conservation both financially and environmentally.



Is promoting the expansion and optimization of marine monitoring in order to gather answers regarding the warming of the Mediterranean Sea, alterations in the chemical composition of the water and the frequency of internal waves that constitute a biological pump.

City meets Stream

A project dedicated to the transformation of Nahal Hagaton from an urban nuisance as it is today into a public asset for the city of Nahariya and the entire State of Israel.

Carbon Blue


A company that develops technology for the capture of carbon dioxide from the environment aimed at mitigating climate change, protecting and restoring marine ecosystems.

The Sea Trail


A project that turns the trail, which is about 240 km long and stretches along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, into an attractive, social and accessible trail, which contributes to recreational and sports activities, preserves natural and environmental values, and creates a connection between the people, the homeland and heritage.

The Winner



An organization that turns the city-forest vision in Israel into a reality by making the cities in Israel greener, shady and benevolent. The organisation submitted the "project of the century" to the ISRAEL EARTH PRIZE, which is the establishment of 100 therapeutic gardens in 100 rehabilitation institutions in Israel, which care for the elderly, Holocaust survivors, victims of sexual assault, people with battle shock, people with disabilities, youth at risk, mentally challenged and others.

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