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This is our planet, our future, our choice, our responsibility.

 ISRAEL EARTH PRIZE by Union & Toyota is open for applications for the second time. We invite entrepreneurs, NGOs and companies to apply and join our efforts to promote excellence and environmental responsibility. The winning proposal will receive a 1 Million NIS endowment.


ISRAEL EARTH PRIZE was launched to promote environmental entrepreneurship in Israel. It is our strong belief that the challenges within the realm of environmentalism hold immense potential for creating a better world and a better society. aims to promote environmental policy and entrepreneurship in Israel. It is our belief that the challenges facing the field of environmental sustainability present opportunities for a better world and a healthier society

 Driving our world to a sustainable, greener future, brings with it a great opportunity to create a better future. As part of our ‘Going Beyond Zero’ approach we encourage organizations, communities and individuals to join us and win our support.

Every year for the coming three, our competition will return. All in all, Union will grant 5 Million NIS to socially beneficial environmental initiatives in Israel. 


Who can apply?


NGOs and 3rd Sector

Academic Institutes



Entrepreneurs and Startups

Non-governmental organizations who operate within Israel and are one of the following:

What are we looking for?

Energy and Climate

Pollution and Monitoring

Waste Management and Circular Economy

Education, Advocacy and Behavioral Change

Natural Resources Management



The launch of the competition for 2023


Application deadline

Announcing the Finalists


First Quarter of 2024

Announcing the Winners

ISRAEL EARTH PRIZE - The first year

Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 12.35.40.png

התחרות השנייה מתוך חמש למען הסביבה של יוניון וטויוטה נסגרה להגשה ביום 31/12/2023.

הוועדה המקצועית שלנו בוחנת בעיון את ההגשות הרבות שנתקבלו.


בתחילת חודש מרץ נעדכן את המגישים שהיוזמות שלהם עלו לגמר

ובשבוע השלישי של אפריל אנו מצפים להכריז על היוזמה הזוכה.

תודה לכל המגישים,  שגם במציאות המורכבת שלנו,

בוחרים לפעול, חלקם אף ביתר שאת, למען הסביבה בישראל!

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